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Appliance Repairman in Philadelphia, PA

Patterson Appliance Repair LLC provides high-quality Philadelphia, PA, electrical appliance service. Our team of expert electrical appliance technicians can repair damaged or broken equipment of any kind. Over the years, we have performed thousands of electrical appliance repairs for businesses and homes in Philadelphia.


Professional, Punctual Service


Customers know that Patterson Appliance Repair LLC can repair a wide range of electrical appliances in a convenient and punctual manner. Our technicians use high-tech equipment and have advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting skills. At the same time, every electrical appliance that is brought in gets same day service. This enables technicians to reduce both disruptions and repair time.

Whenever customers need high-quality Philadelphia, PA, electric appliance service, Patterson Appliance LLC is the company for the job. We offer flexible hours for appointments and 24/7 emergency services along with our more than two decades of experience, so call us now for quality appliance repair.